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Tools for Success, Surveying Your Customers

Master salespeople are always looking for a performance edge. One of the tools that they employ is surveying their client base, especially shortly after a sale is completed. National companies do it all the time. Some small companies do too. Most average salespeople don’t bother. That is a critical mistake and here’s why.

Surveying customers provide information that can be used to gauge product and sales performance for the future. It can reveal what is being done right and what improvements can be made. Surveys are most often conducted to showcase positive responses and to generate testimonials. That’s definitely a good thing, but the survey benefits certainly don’t stop there. By using this practice consistently the salesperson can gain valuable insights into product weaknesses or sales performances that did not create the best possible buying experience for the customer.

While surveying customers who buy your offering is the general norm, surveying customers who do not buy can be more rewarding in the long run. Few companies or individual salespeople make the effort to do so. The reason is simple. Most people don’t welcome negative feedback. It’s tough on the ego.

Get over it! If you truly want to improve your closing ratios, you will need to find out why your prospects didn’t buy from you.

Give them a chance to help you. Many of those lost prospects will provide you with great feedback, (even if you don’t want to hear it) that will allow you to fine-tune your presentations, your qualifying, or your selling style and put you in that great position to close many more opportunities.

The fact that this act is viewed as a very professional one will be welcomed by most lost customers and may even set up new business opportunities in the future.

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