The MAP to More Sales – Part 2

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The MAP to More Sales – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series on the MAP to more sales I explained that that sales success boils down to just three things:

1. Message: Have a compelling message

2. Audience: Share that message with a lot of people

3. Proof: Provide proof to back up your claims

If you really want to increase your sales you can either improve your message, increase the number of people that you share your message with, or better yet do both. In this article, I will talk about how to improve your message.

Message Defined

Let’s begin by defining what a message is not. Your sales message is not a job title such as “business coach”, “health insurance agent” or “Mary Key Representative”. Your message is a brief description of the results that an individual can expect to receive from your products or services. In my case, my core message is: “I help salespeople, coaches, consultants, and network marketers close more their new sales opportunities.”

If after having read my sales message you thought that it sounded eerily like an elevator speech you would be absolutely correct. Now I know that most of you reading this hate the idea of the elevator speech but I encourage you to read further before making a final decision. In my opinion, this is the single most valuable weapon in your sales arsenal. Your sales messages will become the basis for all of your marketing. Your direct mail, your websites, and your cold calls will all be more effective if you learn to use the results that you deliver.

The Value of the Message

The reason that most people hate the idea of using an “elevator speech” is that they think that the listener will hear it and cringe. In actuality what happens is the beginning of a great conversation. In response to the message that I shared above I always get the same reaction from people that have to close sales: “How do you do that?” I have never had anyone say: “Oh, that’s an elevator speech isn’t it?” When I was actively selling dental insurance my message was: “I provide employers a new design in dental insurance that has premiums that are 25% to 40% lower than other plans and that pays for itself with two cleanings per year.” At almost every networking event that I attended this opening generated at least one good conversation that resulted in a sales opportunity. Had I simply said “I sell dental insurance” I would never have had half of the opportunities that I did.

Creating Your Message

The easiest way to create your sales message is, to begin with, a list of every service that you provide and/or every product that you sell. If you only sell a single product then begin with a list of each feature. Now look at each entry and ask yourself what the benefit to the user would be. Most of your products and services will have numerous benefits to your customers. Your goal is to create as comprehensive a list as possible. The bigger the list the more effective your marketing will become. Over time you will want to use different messages with different marketing endeavors as a way to test each. You want to find the one or two messages that generate the best response from listeners and/or recipients of other marketing mediums such as direct mail.


While it may be uncomfortable at first, you will find amazing results when you get into the habit of using a strong sales message both in your personal contacts and in your marketing. I would encourage you to try it and see what happens before you pass judgment. In the immortal words of the Alka Seltzer commercial “Try it, you will like it!”

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