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Six Tips to Remember Daily

No matter how good you are at selling, you are not going to get a 100% conversion rate. The key is to be respectful of other people’s time, be polite and move on. You have probably understood why you didn’t make the sale, and if that objection could be overcome in the future, simply say to your prospect you will call again the future and make a note to do so.

Effective and successful sales people implement a certain routine daily. They don’t get upset by not making a sale – a prospect is still a prospect until he purchases the item somewhere else, or no longer needs it.

Learn to Communicate Well

Communication is the most important thing in sales, and communication is a two way street. You will earn respect if you listen and understand your prospect’s needs, and if you can provide much needed information, a prospect will come to trust you and value your opinions and your help. To become a leader you must attract trust, and in the network marketing business, attracting trust and knowing everything about your product or service will attract a team dedicated to you.

Learning how to converse is also part of communication. Successful sales people know how to word questions, so they don’t attract the word no. If you are cold calling prospects who have come to you via an email or through your website, be sure to respond quickly, as many people will forget why they signed up.

Remind the prospect where you are from, how they contacted you and give your name. If after a few sentences the prospect simply says he isn’t interested, move on. If you get into a conversation, good, you can start to understand what exactly the prospect is looking for, and you can explain a little more about your product, offer to send samples or visit with some information he requests. It is a waste of everybody’s time trying to sell something to someone who doesn’t want it, and you will be perceived as a nuisance if you persist.

Treat Your Prospect as You Would Your Friends

Spouting a bunch of technical facts and figures about your product will soon have the prospect’s eyes glazing over – unless he asks first. Draw the prospect out, and get to the root of why he needs your product and begin a friendly conversation about how your product is what he’s looking for. If he says he already owns one (he doesn’t like) from another company, do not make disparaging statements about that product; just give a side-by-side comparison about why your company’s product is better (and hopefully it is).

Keep Your Conversations Fresh

A quick follow-up keeps a conversation fresh in both minds, by which time your prospect will have done some more research and probably ask you a bunch more questions. Be prepared.

The Cheapest Leads are Referrals – Just Ask

Referrals are the cheapest leads – if your prospect buys or he doesn’t, it never hurts to ask for a referral.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Business can be serious stuff, and many folks welcome some humor to brighten their day – just don’t crack any political or religious jokes! Find out what your prospect likes to do in his spare time – you as a business owner probably don’t have any – but finding a topic outside of business that you are both interested in can lead to a friendship, a definite sale and perhaps some referrals from his golfing buddies. Networking is a fantastic way of getting good quality hot leads.

Look Forward to the Tenth Call

If you make a lot of sales calls, statistics show that the most sales come around the tenth call – so don’t give up – look forward to getting near to that tenth telephone conversation – it could be the one!

Remember to expect what you inspect and do this daily!

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