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Selling Too Quickly Can Cost Referral Business – Speed Kills

In a time when more and more people are seeking instant gratification and seem to have less and less time and patience, many salespeople are trying to rush their sale cycle. In my experience and opinion, they do so at their own peril. Speed, the attempt to rush the process, can significantly reduce the amount of referral business you can expect to generate from a completed sale. This is why.

Master salespeople who perform their services at the highest levels understand that a carefully crafted sale resulting in a fully satisfied customer has the realistic potential to multiply the sales success many times over through ongoing referral business from that satisfied customer. In a highly competitive marketplace, salespeople must be aware of this fact.

Speed selling rarely, if ever, creates a fully satisfied, longterm referral generating client. Not enough time is spent establishing rapport and developing valuable trust. The qualification process is usually rushed significantly. Salespeople generally push their own agenda rather than responding to the customer’s need or problem.

The prospect often gets a feeling that he or she is being pressured which diminishes or even destroys the sense of a pleasurable buying experience. In addition, quick sales, are much more likely to result in a higher incidence of ‘buyer’s remorse’ and lead to many more customer complaints.

I have rarely seen the typical ‘speed selling’ salesperson even take the time to ask the customer for referrals.

Granted, there are times when speed selling might be appropriate. Times like huge event sales, where customers outnumber salespeople all day long, or perhaps in high volume retail outlets with a transient customer base. However, if you are a salesperson, selling on commission who would benefit from referral and repeat business you can’t afford to ‘speed sell’. Clients have repeatedly indicated that they will not send family, friends, or associates to a salesperson who has pressured them or who did not create a positive and enjoyable buying experience.

As is true on the highway, speeding will cost you a lot of money in fines or perhaps get you killed. In a selling situation, speeding will cost you piles of money by killing your referral business.

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