Selling Success – Are You Emotionally Ready? Part 8

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Selling Success – Are You Emotionally Ready? Part 8

Selling Success is not only determined by your knowledge of the sales cycle, selling strategies, sales secrets or even conversational skills. As important as these things are, your personal emotions will often determine your level of attainment and financial success in your selling career and in other areas of your life. Regrettably, many sales training books and courses ignore this area completely.

In these 8 articles, we have given you some strategies that will help give you the edge in order to Sell at Mastery! While these articles are primarily focused on the sales profession, there are so many of these concepts that cross over into everyday living. This is article 8 in the “Are You Emotionally Ready?” series. We hope you have found this series educational and most of all useful to your financial future!

Have Faith. We am not referring here to what some would call religious faith but we’re not discounting that either. What we’re referring to is altering a basic thought pattern that many are saddled with in their minds and consequently, in their careers and lives.

We are suggesting that we work to eliminate these three career limiting concepts from our mental vocabularies. The super successful in all walks of life have done so already. You can too. The three concepts are Try, Hope, Believe. Why in the world would we suggest that these words that sound so nice are actually career and life limiters? We will look at each word in a little more depth to find the answer.

Try is defined as to attempt to do. My trusty thesaurus gives synonyms such as endeavor, struggle, strive, seek and make an effort. All are very positive and noble I suppose. These words share two things in common. They suggest action which is a good thing and the possibility of failure which is definitely not a good thing. Therefore do not embrace the word try. It is not a confidence building word.

Hope is defined as to feel that something desired may happen. Again, the thesaurus provides synonyms such as anticipate, wish, look forward to and dream which all are feel good sounding words but once again there is a sense of doubt attached. I might just add that the opposite of hope is despair. Hope may be actually weaker in nature than the word try because it does not even involve action while it definitely allows for the possibility of failure. Is it a confidence builder? I don’t think so.

Believe is defined as to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so. People have the tendency to believe in what others have told them. A belief is quite like superstition which is defined as an irrational, but usually deep-seated belief in the effects of a specific action or ritual, especially in the likelihood that good or bad luck or result will occur from performing it.

Believing in success is much more beneficial than not believing, however, it still has a hint of irrationality to it. That brings us back to the concept of having faith.

Faith is much stronger than belief. Faith is total unfaltering trust. Faith is having complete and confident expectation in the outcome. Faith is the complete removal of doubt from one’s mind. You might ask “How do you obtain faith without first obtaining absolute proof?”. You do it simply through preparation. You develop self-confidence by knowing that you are prepared for success. You have done all you can up to this point. Then you realize that preparedness never ends and success is ongoing. There is no failure. There are only learning opportunities and life-path alterations.

This type of faith is what is at the heart of all great success stories. How is your strength of faith in relation to your level of preparedness? If you are prepared, you can be confident and expect success!

We hope you have enjoyed this 8 Part series on the Art of Successful Selling.  Go back and read all the past 7 articles again, then begin to reap your personal and financial rewards.

Good Selling and success to you, because “Getting Paid is Good!!”

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