Selling Success – Are You Emotionally Ready? Part 7

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Selling Success – Are You Emotionally Ready? Part 7

Selling Success is not only determined by your knowledge of the sales cycle, selling strategies, sales secrets or even conversational skills. As important as these things are, your personal emotions will often determine your level of attainment and financial success in your selling career and in other areas of your life. Regrettably, many sales training books and courses ignore this area completely.

In this series of 8 articles, we will give you some strategies that will help give you the edge in order to Sell at Mastery! While these articles are primarily focused on the sales profession, there are so many of these concepts that cross over into everyday living. This is article 7 in the “Are You Emotionally Ready?” series. We invite you to discover all 8.

Adopt a life of sharing and service. Examine the lives of the majority of those who achieved considerable financial rewards and/or considerable recognition (fame) from society. They usually have one important thing in common. Most will tell you that this has led to their success. It is what they will be most remembered for after they are gone. They have adopted a life of sharing and service to others at some level.

We all have something we can share or offer up in service to others. We need do this for some very good reasons, not least of which is that it helps us feel good. No doubt you have heard the age-old saying, It is better to give than to receive. Have you really thought about what that refers to?

Primarily it refers to how giving or serving others makes us feel, which is very good overall. However, there is a deeper message hidden there. The statement implies that if you can afford to give something away willingly you must have an abundance of it. Further, if you have an abundance and are grateful for that abundance, the source that supplied it in the first place will provide you with more and more of it. This wisdom has been proclaimed through the ages from a variety of sources.

It has been called the ‘power of ten,’ ‘the power of tithing’, ‘you reap what you sow’ and ‘you get back what you give out’ but the message is unmistakable and the message is heeded by the most successful among us to attract more into their lives.

You may feel that you do not have that much to share or give away, especially in the money department, so we will leave the discussion of money alone for a moment and suggest other things that you can easily share beginning with the simplest.

– Share a Smile: Who among us can’t share a smile? Consciously and deliberately start sharing smiles and see how many smiles come back to you along with friendlier customers you are serving, or better still, more attentive service from those serving you. Think about how many lives you can brighten throughout their day, even if it is for a brief moment.

– Share Your Time: Most of us can choose to find a couple of spare hours each week that we can volunteer to give in the service of others in some capacity. There are countless worthwhile projects and causes. Pick one or two that you have some passion for and get involved. You will feel great and your efforts will have a positive ripple effect on many around you.

– Share Your Talents: Everyone has talents. These are things that you are good at and are passionate about. You benefit by sharing these talents in the service of others through your work and in your private life. When you share your talents you will be rewarded with gratitude, happiness and financial gain. The more you share, the more rewards you will receive.

– Share Encouragement: This costs nothing yet it can create so many benefits. Everyone is trying to do better in their lives. At any point in time everyone is doing the best they can at the moment. Yet everyone is capable of doing more. The ultimate fuel for advancing in life is encouragement not criticism. Unfortunately, it is criticism that most people share. Encourage your spouse, a child, a co-worker, a friend or a stranger. It will make your day and theirs.

– Share Money: Last on the list is share your money. How much of it you share is up to you. If you hoard you are sending a message of lack or scarcity to the universal source. Sharing sends a message of abundance. Share money without any guilt that you should have done more. Why? You can never have enough to give away that will fix all the ills in the world. Just do your part, as you are able, and allow yourself to feel good.

Look for the last articles in this series tomorrow, then begin to reap your personal and financial rewards.

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