Selling Success – Are You Emotionally Ready? Part 5

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Selling Success – Are You Emotionally Ready? Part 5

Selling Success is not only determined by your knowledge of the sales cycle, selling strategies, sales secrets or even conversational skills. As important as these things are, your personal emotions will often determine your level of attainment and financial success in your selling career and in other areas of your life. Regrettably, many sales training books and courses ignore this area completely.

In this series of 8 articles, we will give you some strategies that will help give you the edge in order to Sell at Mastery! While these articles are primarily focused on the sales profession, there are so many of these concepts that cross over into everyday living. This is article 5 in the “Are You Emotionally Ready?” series. We invite you to discover all 8.

We can imagine the e-mail backlash now. This subject tends to ignite reaction and discord from those who want to maintain the status quo. The status quo has served them for years. Changing it will likely cost them a lot of money. They resist anytime anyone tries to challenge one of the world’s most powerful control ideas. That is, the absurd notion that anyone is unworthy by design or circumstance.

Lose the feeling of unworthiness.

Many, dare we say most, individuals wrestle with self-esteem issues every single day of their lives. They feel that they are somehow unworthy of success. Why do they feel this way? Because other people have told them that they are unworthy or that they do not measure up to someone else’s standard.

The spreading of this nonsensical idea of unworthiness is one of the greatest frauds perpetrated on mankind. It is total nonsense and will stop you from reaching your true potential. Of course you are worthy! Who is more worthy than you are and why would they be?

Face it. The only people who will tell you that you are unworthy are those who want to exercise power and absolute control over you or perhaps want to tap into your money for their gain. If you are looking for success in life, do not let them sell you this bogus bill of goods.

There are certainly those who will use religion to push the notion that you are unworthy. This article is not meant to ignite a religious debate. I will only say that to my understanding, these religious based teachings relate to spiritual issues and opinions, not issues of this world.

You are worthy! You are worthy! You are worthy! But please also understand this concept. You are not more or less worthy than anyone else. You have the right and perhaps even the obligation to pursue your happiness and your dreams. Lose any feelings of unworthiness because those feelings will cause you to discriminate against yourself so that you might never test your upper limits.

Look for the other articles in this series, then begin to reap your personal and financial rewards.

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