Selling Success – Are You Emotionally Ready? Part 1

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Selling Success – Are You Emotionally Ready? Part 1

Selling Success is not only determined by your knowledge of the sales cycle, selling strategies, sales secrets or even conversational skills. As important as these things are, your personal emotions will often determine your level of attainment and financial success in your selling career and in other areas of your life. Regrettably, many sales training books and courses ignore this area completely.

In this series of 8 articles, we will give you some strategies that will help give you the edge in order to Sell at Mastery! While these articles are primarily focused on the sales profession, there are so many of these concepts that cross over into everyday living. This is article 1 in the “Are You Emotionally Ready?” series. We invite you to discover all 8.

Hopefully these powerful points will be thought provoking enough for you to want to increase your understanding of these concepts.

To begin with, we will give you this powerful piece of advice. “Make the deliberate choice to conscientiously become fully aware of your feelings and corresponding emotions along with how those feelings and emotions affect your personal behaviors, either positively or negativity”.

Without this awareness, you will be totally powerless to modify, enhance or control these emotions and their effects on you. Without complete awareness, we find ourselves without personal control over our lives and our careers. Look around and observe those you see around you. Who do you know that has tremendous mood swings based on what is happening in the world, in their community or in their immediate environment at home or in the workplace?

Do these people also engage in behaviors that do not serve their overall best interests much of the time? These are people who are being controlled by their feelings and emotions rather than being people who are in control of them. These individuals can have their emotional buttons pushed by outside sources, events or other people without their consent or even their knowledge. Most are simply not consciously aware that this is even happening to them.

This fact means that they surrender much of their personal power to others. If, as you were ‘looking around’, you happened to glance in the mirror and realize that group included you, chances are your feeling and corresponding emotions are holding you back from achieving the success you desire and deserve in your selling career and perhaps in your life in general.

Fortunately, most people do realize that they perform at a much higher level when they are happy and feel good. Doesn’t it then make good sense to work towards feeling good and happy each day? Coping with the challenges of life doesn’t make this an easy task all the time, but it is possible. Millions choose this as a way of life every single day.

Consider this. When you experience an event or see something that either disturbs or brings joy to you, you will have feelings. These feelings then will trigger emotional energy within you which you will discharge in either a positive or negative way through your action or… in most cases, a reaction. The exciting thing about this is that, by and large, you get to choose which reaction it will be.

Will it be positive or negative based on the consequences, through your actions? Herein lays the problem for most people. Their actions are triggered by their feeling and emotions rather than rational conscious thought. Therefore, if they have felt something less than joyful they will then tend to be reactive and negative which will then cause additional feelings of sadness or anger. The alternative is to be proactive and positive which will produce joy and calmness which will create much better outcomes for you. Your feelings should guide you but not totally control you since they can be influenced by outside sources.

Look for the other 7 articles in this series, then begin to reap your personal and financial rewards.

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