Selling Slumps, How to Pull Out Before You Crash and Burn – Tip 5

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Selling Slumps, How to Pull Out Before You Crash and Burn – Tip 5

It matters very little whether you are a selling rookie or a seasoned professional, sooner or later, you will find yourself mired in a selling slump. There are a number of actions you can take to shorten the duration of the slump, lessen the financial impact, and reduce the emotional drain that a slump can cause you.

This is ‘Tip 5’ in a series.

Selling slumps are as perennial as the seasons but they don’t need to destroy your career. Understand that they are part of the marketplace and they always will be. They are caused by a variety of factors but always keep in mind that you didn’t just wake up ‘dumb’ one morning. When you understand that fact, it will be easier to recognize that the situation is temporary. In old writings authors often used the term, “it came to pass”. They didn’t use the term, “it came to stay“.

Tip #5: Build relationships rather than simply working to establish rapport. Many sales trainers, sales courses and selling books teach the importance of establishing rapport with prospects to help reduce fear in his or her mind. While rapport is essential, it is only partway to the ultimate goal master salespeople seek to achieve. Rapport seeks to establish common ground between the prospect and the salesperson. However, relationship building goes one very critical step beyond.

Building a solid relationship early in the process can establish a higher level of trust resulting in a higher closing rate. Salespeople will become the ‘problem solver’ for their clients. That will shift the customer’s perspective away from viewing someone strictly as a salesperson who might be seen in an adversarial position. The new perspective will be to view that same person as a ‘selection specialist’ who will assist them in eliminating the problem that the customer is trying to solve.

This strategy will not only help end a selling slump more quickly but it will also reduce the chances of slumps returning. This is because properly built relationships will result in long-term repeat customers and customers who will be regular referral contributors.

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