Selling Slumps, How to Pull Out Before You Crash and Burn – Tip 2

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Selling Slumps, How to Pull Out Before You Crash and Burn – Tip 2

It matters very little whether you are a selling rookie or a seasoned professional, sooner or later, you will find yourself mired in a selling slump. There are a number of actions you can take to shorten the duration of the slump, lessen the financial impact, and reduce the emotional drain that a slump can cause you.

This is ‘Tip 2’ in a series.

Selling slumps are as perennial as the seasons but they don’t need to destroy your career. Understand that they are part of the marketplace and they always will be. They are caused by a variety of factors but always keep in mind that you didn’t just wake up ‘dumb’ one morning. When you understand that fact, it will be easier to recognize that the situation is temporary. In old writings authors often used the term, “it came to pass”. They didn’t use the term, “it came to stay”.

Tip #2: Do a critical evaluation of your recent sales opportunities that have not gotten the results you wanted. Be careful not to turn this into a self beat-up session. That will not be productive. Rather examine the steps you took at each opportunity to determine what worked and what didn’t. Don’t label things right or wrong, simply did it work properly or didn’t it. Then plan to make the appropriate adjustments.

It is also beneficial to see if you have recently taken a major deviation from your normal selling procedures. In other words, have you swerved off your established gameplan?

Professional athletes have coaches to help them recognize these shifts from their normal routines. Baseball hitters have batting coaches who watch for minor deviations. The greatest golfers have coaches to monitor their swings.

Salespeople usually have managers who observe their performance. It’s a great idea to approach your manager for help rather than to wait for the manager to come to you because of performance issues.

If you don’t have a manager, considering getting a coach, taking a sales course, or reading a sales book. Any of these actions will help you break out of the slump earlier and improve your mental outlook.

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