Selling Slumps, How to Pull Out Before You Crash and Burn – Tip 1

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Selling Slumps, How to Pull Out Before You Crash and Burn – Tip 1

It matters very little whether you are a selling rookie or a seasoned professional, sooner or later, you will find yourself mired in a selling slump. There are a number of actions you can take to shorten the duration of the slump, lessen the financial impact, and reduce the emotional drain that a slump can cause you.

This is ‘Tip 1’ in a series.

Selling slumps are as perennial as the seasons but they don’t need to destroy your career. Understand that they are part of the marketplace and they always will be. They are caused by a variety of factors but always keep in mind that you didn’t just wake up ‘dumb’ one morning. When you understand that fact, it will be easier to recognize that the situation is temporary. In old writings authors often used the term, “it came to pass”. They didn’t use the term, “it came to stay”.

Tip #1: Kick up your prospecting efforts. This might seem obvious, however for many salespeople who find themselves in a selling slump, the exact opposite occurs. Selling is always a numbers game. Adding more prospects creates more selling opportunities which will give you the chance to end the slump quickly. If you are in a slump and not selling, it stands to reason that you will have more than the normal amount of time on your hands. Use some of that time to find extra opportunities. Not all those opportunities will bear fruit immediately. Many will pay you over the next weeks and months which will lessen the chance that another slump will visit you again in the near term.

When you stay busy you will be less likely to create and revisit those destructive negative mental movies that will drain your emotional energy and hamper your valuable creativity.

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