Selling Experience, How Would You Describe Yours?

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Selling Experience, How Would You Describe Yours?

When most people, regardless of their profession, refer to their experience level they generally tell you how long they have been in a particular field. They will state that they have, as an example, three years or twenty years of experience, but is this an accurate way to describe their level of expertise? I think it is a very poor way actually and here’s why.

I’ve seen salespeople in the business for a year, perform as well as others with twenty years ‘experience’. The reason is fairly simple. The fact is that they both had only one year of ‘experience’. The rookie had one year’s worthwhile the veteran had one year’s worth repeated twenty times.

Now you might be thinking that this concept is absurd but consider this. If the veteran salesperson entered the profession with an eager passion and learns all he or she can within that first year, then had a measure of success, the learning curve often flattens out. People tend to become complacent following some level of success.

When complacency sets in, people will fail to learn from their new experiences. This means they will make the same mistakes over and over again, year in and year out. They no longer are adding to their experience level. They simply add to their time in the business. To me, the measure of true experience is the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, along with the adjustment of their personal actions in response to marketplace experiences and mistakes made.

When this measure is the yardstick used to determine experience, the passage of time alone ceases to be very relevant. I hope you will agree with his concept as you move along your career path.

Never allow yourself to believe your that brain is full or believe that there is nothing else to learn. Don’t rest in complacency. It’s not a safe parking spot for your career, is it?

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