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Sales Tips – How to Cold Call Anyone

There has been much written about the right and wrong way to cold call. Some information you will find extremely useful, while others you may find dull and tedious. 9 times out of 10 you will find that the dull information about cold calling written by those who have never done it.

So just how can you cold call anyone?

Firstly you need to have the right mentality for cold calling. Yes I know this may sound obvious but this is where most fall down at the first hurdle. The best mentality that will help is to understand rejection better.

Allow me to explain. Sometimes in cold calling a prospect may not be interested in what you are offering. They may even be rude to you and hang up. You MUST understand that whatever they may say or do to you – it is never personal. Perhaps you caught them at the wrong time. Unfortunately many take this personally and it effects the way they cold call. They end up arguing with the prospect and cannot understand why they will not listen.

Allowing yourself to get upset and annoyed by a prospect will drown your chances of success.

Secondly, the next best method of cold calling anyone is to ensure that you ask ‘touch-point’ questions. These are a series of well crafted questions that help identify a need for your product or service. The best question that you can use to open up ‘touch-point’ questions is: “Mr X… can you tell me the biggest challenges that you face at the present with your existing supply situation?” The bottom line is that most people are never entirely happy and there will always be a niggle of some sort.

These questions help to uncover need.

Thirdly, never ever try to close your prospect there and then. Two things statistically happen when you go for the jugular in cold calling.

  1. The prospect catches on and builds up their defense mechanism to sales people.
  2. The sale has a 75% cancellation rate.

Once buyers remorse kicks in, the prospect may also feel that they do not know enough about the company/person/product they have bought. Always cold call to get an appointment. Appointments make sales because they secure time. That’s time spent uncovering their needs, questions and uncertainties about the product. Time in which you can follow through with a structured sales process.

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