Sales Tips – Focus on What Your Prospects Really Want

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Sales Tips – Focus on What Your Prospects Really Want

The more you learn each day the clearer the sales process becomes. The greater your ability to understand what your prospects really want the more astute you will become as a sales professional. So many times we get caught up focusing on the product or service and do not take a moment to stop and think about what the prospect is really after.

Last year around the world hundreds of thousands of electric power saws were sold, the ironic thing is nobody really needed an electric power saw, what they did need was wood to be cut, and fast! The electric power saw was simply the vehicle for achieving the objective.

When talking to a prospect always ask yourself, what is the prospect really after here? Is it the product or is it what the product will give them? Be sure to always steer the discussion towards what need the product will satisfy rather the product itself.

Nobody really wants to buy a smartphone, they simply want reliable communication device that can do everything on the go that they can do from their office. Once you fully understand and adapt this concept your sales figures will improve.

Your ability to earn more commission is directly related to your ability to continuously learn new things! So be sure you do not take any short cuts here, there is no substitute for hard work.

The amount of success you will attract in your sales performance is in direct proportion to the amount of effort you are will to put in.

Remember, when speaking with a prospect, it is your ability to show them how your product will satisfy their want that will bring you the most success.

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