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Sales Success Tip – How to Increase Your Referrals

There’s an old saying that goes, “You have to give to get.” Well, I don’t know if the word, have is 100% accurate, but what I do know is that it surely makes things a lot easier. Try this exercise: Put something small, perhaps a coin or other small object in your hand. Now, hold onto it as tight as you can. What do you notice? The fact is that if anyone wanted to give you something, you would be in no position to accept it because your hand is holding tightly to what you already have. It’s the same with everything in life. Try holding onto what you have too tightly and you’ll rarely be on the receiving end of others’ generosity.

Specifically, let’s look at one of the greatest sources of leads, referrals. If you are the type of person who continually asks for referrals, but never gives them, you may in fact get a few in the beginning without reciprocating. However, you’ll soon be recognized as someone who is only out for themselves. Someone who holds on too tight to what they have and rarely gives anything back. When that happens, you’ll see your referrals disappear.

If you want to build a great referral network, start with those who regularly come into contact with what you would consider being your perfect customer. Then start with something like this: “I would like to send you some referrals if I could. What do you consider to be the perfect prospect for your product or service?” While you are getting your answer, take notes…specific notes and then follow through by sending a referral or two. Don’t do this just once or twice, but with everyone from whom YOU would like to get referrals in return. You’ll be amazed at the results.

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