Sales Success Tip – Four Phases of Increasing Your Sales

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Sales Success Tip – Four Phases of Increasing Your Sales

Once you understand the four phases of the sales cycle, you can then use that understanding to either initiate the process or move it along. (Remember that it is vitally important that YOU control the process). Before you can even begin to think about how to close the sale and bank that commission check, you’ve got understand how the process works in the mind of your prospect. Now, keep in mind that this process is exactly the same in every sale of every product or service.

First, you must get the attention of your prospect. That is, something about your product or service must catch their eye or their ear. This could be an ad, a PR story, or something as simple as an overheard conversation.

Second, your prospect must have an interest in what your product or service can do for them. Remember, your prospects become your customers because of what you, your product, or your service can do for them. If they are interested in looking good for their reunion, they are not nearly as interested in how durable your fabric is, whether or not they will turn heads at the party.

Third, in order for your prospect to become a customer, they must desire your product or its end result. If they become convinced that your product will make them THE most talked about attendee, then it is time to move them to the final step. Even with all of the other steps in place, the sale does not take place until the final step…action. You may get their attention, they may be interested and even desire your product, but that pesky action step is often a killer. Particularly with the larger dollar or the intangible sale of services. How many times have you spoken with a prospect who readily admits that they need your product or service but they never buy? If you’ve been in sales for more than a day or two, it has happened more than you want to remember.

Just remember, that regardless of whether you are a participant in this process from the beginning or get involved along the way, every prospect will go through this process for every sale. Learn to recognize where you are in the process at all times and take appropriate action. You’ll no doubt notice a significant improvement in your conversion ratio as well as your bank account.

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