How To Stand-out With Your Customers

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How To Stand-out With Your Customers

Well, for starters, the easiest way to stand out, as a professional sales representative, is not to blend in with everybody else, namely your competition.

Don’t be too quick to pooh-pooh this idea. Think back to when you were a kid. Did you go out of your way to be different from the other kids in your neighborhood?

Probably not – the goal was to blend in, to be accepted, to fit in with your friends. You didn’t want to be a nerd you wanted to be in the herd!

Unless you got whacked on the side of your head as you were growing up – the desire to blend in could be still with you.

You can easily stand out with your customers as soon as you go out of your way to be different.

Here is the simple logic. Being different is the first step to being perceived as being better! Different is always better.

It’s a simple truth – just accept it!

Pity the poor customer. Every new salesperson he meets automatically begins salivating and drooling for all of his business.

Here’s a big sales tip for you. You don’t have to attempt to get all the business with your prospect – 1% will suffice. Imagine the look on your prospect/customer’s face, when you say, at the appropriate time, “I know you have good suppliers. Just give me 1% of your business and give me an opportunity to earn the rest.”

Good Golly Miss Molly – I bet you’ll get his attention with that one!

Here’s another practical sales tip for you. You don’t have to be twice as good as your best competitor to beat him. Being 1% better will suffice. Consider these two numbers – 68.75 69.71. The difference between these two numbers is very small. Yet the impact is huge.

In 2006 Jim Furyk had a fourth-round scoring average of 69.71. In the same year, Tiger Woods achieved a fourth-round scoring average of 68.75.

The small difference in scoring averages was the difference between first place and second place on the PGA Tour in 2006.

You can stand out as soon as you step up and try to be different.

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