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How to Sell With Ease – 5 Simple Steps

Creating a successful business is a two-step process.

FIRST, you must be able to effectively market your products and services.

SECOND, you must be able to convert the prospects or leads your marketing generates, into paying clients.

If you get the marketing part down, but you can’t convert, you still won’t have any clients and you will continue to struggle.

Do You Hate Selling?

Unfortunately, many solo-professionals and small business owners dread the thought of having to sell. And they avoid it like the plague. Then they wonder why they are constantly in a state of struggle when it comes to their business.

You MUST be able to sell your services

But, if you do it right, it won’t feel like selling, to you OR to your prospects. And your results will improve dramatically.

Here are 5 steps to help you sell with ease:

Step 1: First, you must be mindful of WHAT you are selling. You are NOT selling your products or services.

Let me repeat that … you are NOT selling your products or services.

Step 2: You must know what you ARE selling. You are selling a solution to a problem that your prospect has. Identify that problem and present your products and services as a solution.

Step 3: Focus on helping people get a glimpse of what their life will be like when they work with you. Transport them mentally and emotionally into the future, when that problem is already solved.

Step 4: Give them a list of everything they will get if they choose to work with you. List all the things you can guarantee. If you can’t guarantee results, then just list what you CAN guarantee.

Step 5: Give them proof. Share the results you have gotten for other clients.

If you follow this 5-step process you won’t feel like you’re selling because you are simply talking about how you can help in tangible terms your prospects can relate to.

When you approach selling this way you’ll see your prospects get excited because they can see or hear a tangible list of the results they’re going to get if they choose to work with you.

They’ll see the results you’ve gotten for others so that list of guarantees is believable.

And you will have successfully transported them emotionally and mentally into the future where their problems are already solved and now they’re ready to hire you to solve them.

Your Marketing Step

I encourage you to evaluate how you are selling. Are you telling people WHAT you do or HOW you do it? Are you selling based on logical sales points? If you are and you’re not converting as many prospects into paying clients as you’d like, I encourage you to apply these 5 steps.

I think you’ll find your batting average goes up and you’ll enjoy the sales process a whole lot more.

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