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Get Your Sales Swagger On

Swagger baby. Swagger. It is all about confidence, poise, and self-belief.

Within a professional sports playoff series, the confidence level moves through peaks and valleys. Ultimately, the team with the most belief and faith in their team wins. Even teams with injured players or who are missing key players can elevate their level of play to win the game. Every one of us has “ups” and “not-so-ups.” Conviction and certainty about who we are makes the difference.
When watching TV, you can usually tell by the body language of the players if they believe in themselves enough to push to the next level. It is in their demeanor.
Your level of confidence about selling is in your demeanor. Does your gait demonstrate that you are proud of what you do and who you are? Do you think your prospective customers can tell if you have swagger? Interestingly, I have interviewed many consumers about their buying decisions. I have had customers tell me the reason they made a purchase was because they just felt confident in their sales person. Do you know what that is? Swagger.
Conversely, I have had prospects tell me they didn’t buy because they felt the sales person needed more experience or they did not feel all of their questions were answered to their satisfaction. Do you know what that is? Lack of swagger.
Swagger is not arrogant or conceited. It is ultimate confidence in who you are and your abilities. Perhaps you have heard the saying, “fake it till you make it”. I only partially believe that. The truth of the matter is when you have the clear Intention you will have swagger. Genuine swagger is an underlying confidence that transcends who you are. It resonates from your posture, your words, your tonality, your thinking, your conversation, and your resolve to be of assistance to your customers. It is a deep-seated belief in self.

Swagger looks and feels like authentic confidence. Get your swagger on and make more sales.


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