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Be Like John… again!

Be Like John. John has a small equipment rental business that has been vandalized lately. He has thought about installing security cameras out on the lot, but there isn’t electricity, wifi, or wired internet to support it. Then an Agent named Russ reached out with a solution. The Arlo Go Portable Security Camera.

The Arlo Go is a 100% wire-free, IP65 certified weather-resistant, Verizon LTE mobile HD security camera. Best of all his business can activate it on his shared data plan that he already has with Verizon.

The Arlo Go supports Verizon LTE wireless connections and can work anywhere nationwide with LTE coverage. With the long-lasting rechargeable battery, it takes the expense out of uninterrupted security.

Reach out to ConectUS Wireless at (855) SELL-VZW to find out how you can start selling the Arlo Go HD Security Camera to your customers. Best of all, you will be giving customers like John a true value solution while earning a great commission in the process. Be Like John!

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