Are You Using the Right Tone in Sales Calls?

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Are You Using the Right Tone in Sales Calls?

In the modern world of commerce, more and more business is being done through electronic means, whether over the phone or through the Internet. This means that the field of play for salespeople has changed dramatically from what it once was.

Studies of communication have revealed that a significant portion of our communication takes place on a non-verbal level. Our body language and tone of voice are often more important than the words we’re saying. Since we often can’t use body language nowadays, we must rely more heavily on tone to make sales.

While it’s difficult to modify the actual sound quality of your voice, it is possible and in fact recommended to try and modify your diction into something sounding more professional, confident and mature. It can be hard to judge your own tone, so you may need to ask a friend of coworker exactly how you come off. It’s important when conducting business with clients that you don’t sound disinterested or immature or unsure of yourself. You need to be assertive and positive in order to make a sale.

Remember to always SMILE when you are talking to a prospect on the phone. Believe it or not, that SMILE will come across the line and you will sound more friendly and processional.

Another key to modifying your tone of voice for sales is to use proper inflection. Normally, we do this unconsciously, but for salespeople its something you should really think about. Really emphasize the key virtues of what you’re trying to sell by changing your inflection. Customers will respond to your level of energy and interest in what you’re trying to sell.

If you don’t have confidence in yourself and what you’re selling, then that will come across in your voice and sabotage you every time.


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