Are You Doing What It Takes To Win More Sales?

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Are You Doing What It Takes To Win More Sales?

What does it take to be a WINNER during these challenging times? Do you really know what it takes to win more sales? It takes… Uniqueness. Being boring, bland, and benign is out. Being different is your first step to being better. If you’re different and you’re better, you’ll be remembered.

Type INC. after your name. For example, Jim Meisenheimer Inc. Don’t view yourself as a person. Think of yourself as a brand or even as a company. How are you positioning yourself? When your customers think of you, how do they think of you? Create a list of ten things that make you different from your competition. If this is a tough exercise for you, you should invest some strategic thinking time. Blending in is out, standing out is in.

It takes… Passion. Why do so few people really get excited about their work. How many times a day do you meet someone whose eyes sparkle as they are going about their work? Too many people put their presentations into cruise control and expect the product to sell itself. People buy from people who really believe in their products/services. Passion is a small intangible quality that has a big influence on how you are perceived.

Put on smile on your face, angle your chin up, focus on your customer, speak enthusiastically and go about your business energetically and you’ll become passionate. If you combine equal parts of preparation and product knowledge with a splash of passion you’ll take it to the next level.

It takes… Discipline. Every presentation can benefit from a little spit and polish once in a while. Don’t get complacent about anything. Success comes from order more often than it does from chaos. Develop a system for getting things done. Have a system for planning your day, planning your calls and planning for your territory. Discipline takes time and effort. Discipline is not being rigid, it’s being in control as we work in chaotic and reactive environments. The choice is simple. Are you in control – or out of control? It takes nothing to be out of control. It takes discipline to be in control.

It takes… Time. You can’t rush success. Success is not something you start with. It’s something you hope to achieve. The bigger the challenge, the longer it takes to get there. Most folks view success as the destination instead of the journey. Enjoy the ride and make time to smell the roses along the way.

Speaking of dictionaries, obliterate these words from your personal dictionary immediately – can’t, impossible, commodity, and discount. In sales, language is power. Avoid using words that weaken your presentation and lessen your selling power. How you think is everything. If you don’t already have one, keep working on your DO WHATEVER IT TAKES attitude.

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