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IoT or the Internet of Things is a blazing point nowadays. But what precisely is IoT? Explanation in the simplest way is that it can be regarded as a virtual internet connection between everything present in our surroundings can be operated & monitored over the internet. It depicts a circumstance where everything encompassing our surroundings is made and prepared to do consequent interactions with one another with no inter-human or human-to-machine contact.

In technical terms, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the arrangement of physical things or “things” embedded with equipment, programming, sensors, and framework accessibility, which enables these articles to accumulate and exchange data. The Internet of Things licenses things to be distinguished and controlled remotely transversely over the existing framework foundation making open entryways for a more clear compromise between the physical world and PC-based structures. These contraptions accumulate significant data with the help of diverse existing advances and a while later freely stream the data between different gadgets. Current business division cases consolidate splendid indoor controller structures and washer/dryers that use Wi-Fi for remote watching.

Advantages of IoT

We are familiar with the term GPS. For instance, we have been using it to track the movement of delivery trucks for a considerable length of time now. IoT eases and simplifies this whole process of tracking of trucks as it uses a monitoring sensor which helps to track distance and time locations along with other contributing factors.

The use of IoT is possible in businesses for sending mobile promotions to regular shoppers. So what IoT does is keeps track of what is the ongoing trend or what shoppers are more interested in by tracking shopper’s history. It smartly utilizes location-based tracking of the physical shoppers as well as those who shop over the internet.

Vending technology:
IoT has played a big role in enhancing the working of vending machines by enabling them to communicate to monitor inventory levels, determine price, etc.

In today’s modern world, everyone around us is rushing to reach somewhere, and even after rushing so much, still, 24 hours is just not enough. But because of IoT, the amount of time saved could be quite large. So we all can use that time, saved by IoT.

The biggest advantage of IoT is saving money. If the price of the tagging and monitoring equipment is less than the amount of money saved, then the Internet of Things will be very widely adopted.

Environmental monitoring;
In this case, IoT uses sensors to assist in the protection of the environment by monitoring air or water quality, atmospheric or soil conditions and also be used to monitor the movements of wildlife and their habitats. It can also be used to detect earthquakes or early warning of tsunamis or other such calamities through which emergency services can be prepared with more effective aid.

Disadvantages of IoT

Currently, there is no international standard of compatibility for the tagging and monitoring equipment.

With all of this IoT data being transmitted, the risk of losing privacy increases. Having more information accessible on the web to government agencies, data aggregators, and hackers may not be a comforting thought for members of the public. Take, for example, toilets that measure blood sugar in urine and convey that information to a doctor’s office. That information, if accessed by non-intended recipients could be used against the connected toilet owner when applying for insurance or a job.

Potential of widespread malware:
The interconnection of devices done by IoT systems could make it much easier for malware to spread throughout a home’s integrated system, with results ranging from complete corruption to minor inconveniences. Because of this, rather than having one device to fix, there could be numerous devices requiring a sweep of the infecting malware.

Imagine all your appliances are connected by the web to manufactures and businesses that deal in the related products to get your data. This will result in unwanted offerings and advertisements on the LED screens of refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc. These unwanted advertisements may keep on growing as the data of your appliance gets shared across numerous businesses.

Future of IoT

In the future, if not today, IoT will become the most essential part of our life as it will connect different sources of information such as sensors, mobile phones, and cars in an ever tighter manner. The number of devices that connect to the Internet is increasing. These billions of components produce, consume and process information in different environments such as logistic applications, factories, and airports as well as in the work and everyday lives of people.


IoT is still the upcoming technology with numerous advantages and certain assumed disadvantages but those advantages can be transformed into advantages by a little bit of more research and advancement into the system as it is going to be the most effective part of our lives in the near future.

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