5 Reasons for Open Source IoT Solutions

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5 Reasons for Open Source IoT Solutions

We covered “5 IoT Trends That 2020 Should Be Looking At” in our last IoT post. Now we will explain five reasons to favor open source IoT solutions. IoT (Internet of things) links smart objects to the Internet. It can enable an exchange of data never available before, and bring users information in a more secure way.

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1. Speed of change
The enterprise IoT space is changing an order of magnitude faster than any other enterprise software trend in the last decades. This factor makes it very difficult for IoT platforms maintained by a single vendor to keep up with all the new standards, requirements and technologies could be incorporated into the platform. An open source developer community can help IoT vendors to keep up with the changes in the market and evolve their technology at a faster pace.

2. Extensibility
Enterprise IoT solutions present incredibly complicated requirements that very often fall outside the capabilities of an IoT platform. Open source IoT technologies allow enterprises to extend and modify the underlying platform to tailor the platform to their specific requirements.

3. Adapting to new device manufacturers
Interoperability with IoT devices is an essential element of enterprise IoT platform. However, no single vendor can possibly maintain SDKs or adapter for the tens of thousands of IoT devices in the market. Open source distribution models will allow device manufacturers to control and evolve the interoperability with different IoT platforms and use that as a distribution channel for their smart devices.

4. Developer communities
The developer communities created by open source IoT technologies will play a key role in the evolution and adaptability of these platforms. This factor will also allow enterprises to access the talent required to implement IoT infrastructures and solutions without solely relying on expensive system integrators.

5. Adoption by vertical IoT solutions
Industry specific IoT solutions are experiencing a tremendous adoption in the market. Even though these solutions are very effective addressing industry specific scenarios, they often lack the robust infrastructure capabilities provided by horizontal IoT platforms. An open source model will allow ISVs to build their solutions on top of sophisticated IoT platforms and, as a result, leverage the developer and partner communities created by those open source IoT platforms.

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