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Doing Business since 1974
In 1974, the company originally provided 2-way radio and paging services in the Southern California area. In 1983 when cellular service was introduced, ConectUS Wireless...
One of the largest master distributors
Our unique relationship with Verizon Wireless allows us to drop ship equipment directly to the customers place of business, creating a true direct fulfillment with no equipment to carry...
Going Above and beyond
We always go the extra mile for our partners and customers. With offices in three time zones, We are here when you need us and with our years of experience...

Our Current Programs

Verizon Wireless

Leading independent studies say Verizon is the best and they have the data to back it up. That’s why more people choose Verizon Wireless.

Verizon Fios Business

Reliable = Ready. Your business can’t afford unreliable internet service. Switching to the reliability of fiber-optics is within reach.

Verizon Fios Residential

Don’t settle for anything less than a 100% fiber-optic network. It’s the most reliable for all your devices, no matter how many you have in your home.

Frontier Communications

Tired of fighting with slow, unreliable internet, TV and phone service? Get FiOS Business Internet at seriously fast high speeds and 99.9% uptime.

Verizon Wireless Employee Liable

As an added company benefit, offer your employees the same great service and coverage that your company enjoys. Who looks like the hero now?

Vivint Smart Home

Vivint Smart Home Security has been nationally recognized as the best Smart Home and Security option in America.  Why are you not selling it to your customers?


More awards than any other carrier. Leading Independent studies say Verizon Wireless is the best and they have the data to back it up!
#1 Video Quality, #1 Video Start Time and #1 Video Reliability. Stream all the content you want and never worry about buffering or slowing down.
$111 billion invested into our network infrastructure since 2000. With 5G just around the corner, Verizon is setting the standard on preparing for the future.
With over 1 quadrillion bytes of data analyzed by our engineers every day. If there is ever a network issue, it's caught before our customers even know about it.
322 million people covered, More than 98% of the US population, and over 2.4 million square miles or about 400,000 square miles more coverage than the nearest competitor.


Thanks for delivering top quality services to your customers. It just takes a few short minute to get answers from you each time I ask those unique questions. difficulties. We have been in the wireless industry for years and ConectUS Wireless is by far the best Master Agent we have ever worked with. Thanks again for all that you do to make our customers happy!

Donna T.

Donna T.

We really love withing your your team there at ConectUS. It seems that everyone truly cares about us as a partner and they go above and beyond to make sure our customers are happy. It’s also nice offering Verizon Wireless to our clients and proving why its the best network. We demand only the best for our customers and ConectUS delivers!

David S.

David S.

Our business customers really have loved everything we have sold them. Frontier has so many options and every time we call ConectUS to help configure a proposal, they are there for us. It’s like have extra sales people on our staff but they pay us. We hope to stay partners with ConectUS Wireless for many years to come!

Steven R.

Steven R.

Our Team

Meet our team member

John Scully

John Scully

President and General Manager

John was born and raised in Southern California and started working for the family business in High School. After college he came back and became Vice President of Sales. In 2008 John became President and General Manager.

In 2011 John and his family moved to Dallas, Texas and opened another office in McKinney to help expand the Sub-Agent Base into the Southern States.

John manages the carrier relationships with both Verizon and Frontier as well as the large ConectUS Sub-Agent Base.

John lives in Frisco, Texas with his family.  His 3 boys keep him busy after work and on the weekend playing Soccer, Football and Basketball.  He enjoys family vacations, boating and the Dallas Cowboys!

JoAnne Scully

JoAnne Scully

JoAnne has been married to Dennis Scully since 1971. She Graduated from Saint Genevieve High School and attended College working on a degree in Business.

JoAnne has worked in the family business, ConectUS Wireless since 1974. Pagers and Motorola 2-way Radio Era.

Currently, JoAnne handles the ConectUS Dealer commissions. Verizon Wireless, Verizon Home Services and Frontier.

Hobbies and interests Includes: Camping, Travel and her lovely three grandsons.

Dennis Scully

Dennis Scully

Dennis Scully was born and raised in Southern California. He met his wife, JoAnne, in high school and they were married shortly after and have been married for 48 years. He attended college and Law School and was a Police Officer for 28 years while building the family communications business with his wife JoAnne.

His company was selected by AT&T as one of the first of four cellular Agents in the country in 1984. He was in the business before cellular was actually launched in Los Angeles. Prior to cellular, the company was a leader in two way radio communications for GE and EF Johnson and was one of the largest paging operations in Southern California.

Dennis now lives with JoAnne in the Dallas area where the company’s headquarters is also located. He loves to shoot, hunt, fish and RV camp. He is involved with his local community Public Safety as an Amateur Radio Extra class operator. He is an avid reader and loves American History, Political Science, Military, World History and an occasional novel. He is a car guy and loves to attend car shows and NHRA races and he keeps a hot Mustang in the garage.

Most importantly, Dennis is a husband to JoAnne and a father to John and Nick. He is especially proud to be the grandpa to three boys.

Rick James Stapp

Rick James Stapp

Rick wants to live in an ideal world filled with keyboards that resist coffee spills, music that actually sounds like music, and an unlimited abundance of perfect cigars for never-ending perfect moments.

Rick is a sales and marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience in the telecom industry, much of it heavily engaged in channel sales. He’s worked on campaigns for all of America’s major wireless carriers

Rick’s unique ability to visualize the complete sales cycle of a product or service, and to execute through creative and successful marketing materials – whether traditional or digital – has led to his ongoing successes.

When he’s not selling or creating marketing materials that help sales agents close more business, you’ll find him smoking a cigar in his man-cave patio listening to Pink Floyd or Miles Davis. Or out with his wife scouring the eleventy-bajillionth antique store.

Ginny Schrougham

Ginny Schrougham

Ginny Schrougham is our resident Agent Support Manager expert. She’s been with Verizon Communications and then Verizon Wireless since the 1990s. Says Ginny, “I am so proud our wireless team. We’re all dedicated to making our customers’ experiences smooth and stress-free, and we succeed every time. This is why we get so many referrals: our customers tell their friends about us, and the friends then give us a call.”

In her free time, Ginny immerses herself family activities such as playing games, gardening and going to the movies. She is a grandmother three times over and is devoted to her grandchildren.

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