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Press Release – ConectUS Wireless Offers Business and Employee Communications Solutions

ConectUS Wireless Offers Business and Employee Communications Solutions

Name: Rick James Stapp
Phone #: (469) 428-7710
Email: rjstapp@conectus.com
For Immediate Release
Date July 15, 2018
ConectUS Offers Business and Employee Communications Solutions


  • > More agencies available to sell to businesses and their employees
  • > Opportunities to offer cost-effective Internet, phone and wireless phone services
  • > Sell direct fulfillment services from Verizon Wireless, Verizon Business and Frontier.
  • > Premier Verizon Master Agent


McKinney, TX – July 15: ConectUS, a leading master distributor of business and residential services from Verizon and Frontier, today announced further strengthening of its support for agents who wish to expand their B2B and B2C portfolios of services.
“This is a great opportunity for existing small businesses and single operators to sell more services to business customers and their employees,” said ConectUS President, John Scully. “If you’re already selling other services to business owners, why not position yourself as a one-stop-shop for a whole host of other services: become a trusted partner by packaging together a multitude of communications services at advantageous prices?”
ConectUS has a large back office support team that supports its agents by activating services, upgrading systems and – when needed – shipping new equipment on a fast turnaround.
Said John Scully: “We’ve increased our sales support team over the years to guarantee the best possible help for our agents. We want them and their customers to have flawless experiences when they work with ConectUS.  Being one of the largest Verizon Master Agents, agent support is our #1 priority!”
ConectUS is currently encouraging new and existing agencies with an interest in selling B2B and B2C communications solutions to call (469) 428-7710
Businesses that would like to be contacted by a ConectUS sales agent should also call (469) 428-7710 or fill out our request for located by clicking here.
About ConectUS
ConectUS was founded in 1974 in Southern California selling hand-held radios. During the ‘90s, ConectUS began selling analog cell phones and then integrated communications solutions. Today, they offer Internet, landline phone, TV services and cell phone services to businesses, their employees, and residential customers. Being one of the largest Verizon Master Dealers in the country as well as a Master Dealer for Frontier Communications, ConectUS Wireless has a lot to offer their partners. This includes Verizon One Talk, a service that rings all of your devices simultaneously, so you will never miss a call. ConectUS can be found at www.ConectUS.com

ConectUS Wireless Offers Business and Employee Communications Solutions