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Sales Tips – Why I Want to Hear Objections

What is it about objections that make so many of us in sales so nervous. Is it the fact that we are afraid we wont have the right answers or it is more that we fear that an objection means a prospect is not interested?

Objections and sales tend to always go hand in hand. Many sales professionals go into a sales presentation or meeting praying that they get through the entire process without any objections or concerns from the prospect at all. This sort of attitude is absolutely ludicrous and if you think this way you need to consider the following.
Have you ever been speaking with someone that is talking about something you could not care less about?
Chances are that you are not really following what they are saying, and your chances of questioning or objecting to anything they say is really nonexistent. Why is this?

Objections are a sign of interest, objections and questions are a way of saying “tell me more please!”

When you go into a sales presentation or meeting you want the prospect to have as many objections or questions as possible. This means you have a great chance of closing the deal. What is even more interesting is that in most cases the prospects who have the most objections will usually have the most buying interest.
Remember next time you head into a presentation or meeting, prepare for lots of objections and questions.
Your ability to earn more commission is directly related to your ability to continuously learn new things!


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