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Sales Tips – Excite Your Customers First

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Sales Tips – Excite Your Customers First

Many times throughout the sales process we can fall into the habit of purely focusing on closing the sale. Now you may be thinking, hang on a second, isn’t that what it is all about?

The short answer to this is yes; however, in order to close the sale you must first excite your prospects buying interest.
Now when I say excite I do not mean to simply point out the features and benefits of the product, which any sales person can do. I am talking about really putting yourself into the prospect’s shoes.
It is absolutely critical that the prospect is getting more value out of the purchase of the product and service then you are getting out of the sale.
The only way to truly understand how the prospect can benefit most from your product is to own it yourself! Now, If you are not in a position for whatever reason to own it personally then you must get as close to it as possible and put yourself in a state of mind as if you did.
Now you can speak from personal experience and your ability to arouse your prospects buying interest will be tenfold.
Now listen carefully because what we are about to say next is extremely important. If you attempt to close a sale BEFORE you have aroused a strong buying interest from the prospect you will lose the sale. This is not a possibility, it is a certainty. Attempting to close a sale to soon shows prospects you are not concerned for them as a customer, but merely for yourself.

Remember, Always excite your customers first, by truly understanding the benefits of owning your product or service.

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