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Advice for Future Salespeople

So many salespeople go into selling without understanding the fundamentals and how they are to be used to build business relationships. Often, the hard sell strategies end up doing just the opposite, sometimes without even realizing it. This is why I had always recommended to your Blitz Marketing Sales Teams to learn more about the subject and go out a make sales yes, of course, but to make friends too.

Sometimes something very subtle, a small mistake can turn off a client and cause negative thoughts and attitudes. So, I would like to recommend a couple of books on the subject of sales for you to read, which in a way compliment each other and also conflict. But I believe there is a philosophy that can be gained from such reading:

“Winning Moves – The Body Language of Selling” by Ken Delmar – 1984.

The book has a little subtitle of interest; “the keys, strategies, moves, gestures, expressions, style and aura that work for winners.” The author suggests that religious leaders, politicians, actors, top trail lawyers and top sales people all have these abilities in common. He further suggests that we can all do this, if we learn how – and that is exactly what this book explains how to do.

Amongst the topics are how to maintain compose, sense of trust, limit stress, look relaxed, self-assured and confident. Imagine disarming prospects, improving your voice and allowing hostile people to backtrack with proper body language and adequate tone. Learn to look alive on camera, command a room, quell anger emotions, its all here and more, this is a great book.

“How to Master the Art of Selling Real Estate” by Tom Hopkins – 1986.

Mr. Hopkins starts this book by explaining what society expects a real-estate salesperson to look like and act like. How to maintain a professional attitude – then he gets into prospecting, qualifying, verbal techniques, telephone sales, open house techniques, asking for commitment or offers, and how to close the sale – next how to present the proposal and how to maintain a referral network from happy customers and their friends as well. There is also a section on staying organized, scheduling and planning. The final chapter is how to keep a score card of your successes; tracking sales, money made, net-worth and goal setting.

Once you are done reading these two books, I guarantee it will help you increase sales, more importantly, it will help you be a better you and make more friends in the process.

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