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Services We Offer Our support team is wireless and IT help desk friendly and can assist in activating all wireless device types including telemetry. Business customers receive instant rebates and free shipping on all orders.

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Wireless Phone Service for Employees

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We Love Fun FactsAmazing Facts About Wireless Tech

355Mobile Nation
There are more than 355 million wireless subscribers in the U.S., up from 296 million wireless subscribers in 2010.
208Device Mania
There are 208 million existing smartphones and 35 million tablets, laptops and wireless broadband modems, up respectively from 78 million and 14 million in 2010.
169Fast Fingers
There are 169.3 billion text messages sent a month, up from 153.3 billion a year ago.
There are 204.6 billion voice minutes used every month, down from 218.2 billion a year ago.
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